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To Protect and Preserve Natural and Scenic Chippewa County Lands.


What Can You Do?

Property owners can use the Chippewa County Land Conservancy, Inc, to help them protect their land. Following are just some of the options available:

Conservation Easement
A voluntary legal agreement that protects land by limiting present and future uses. The landowner retains ownership and use of the property while the Land Conservancy takes responsibility for protecting the lands conservation values. The method is very flexible and can provide tax advantages to the owner.

Convey ownership by gift
Chippewa county Land Conservancy, Inc. welcomes donations of land or future interest in land. The option may have significant tax advantages for the donor, and is one of the best protection strategies for remotely keeping land in it's natural state.

The Chippewa county Land conservancies, Inc. may purchase property that is highly significant, or threatened by development.